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For the past 120 years, the University of Arizona department of mining and geological engineering has been the only university-level program in the state providing education and research programs devoted to minerals engineering and the science and engineering of nonrenewable resources.

Our Bachelor of Science in mining engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET (abet.org). A summary of our accreditation objectives and outcomes is available on the College of Engineering website.

We fulfill the land-grant mission of the university by providing engineering education, research and outreach focusing on the sustainable development of mineral resources.

Our mission is to provide lifelong learning, service, leadership, and new knowledge of engineering and scientific principles applied to earth systems for the purpose of discovery and sustainable development of nonrenewable resources, conversion of mineral resources into usable materials, safe construction of structures on and in the earth, and in suit characterization of volumes of earth materials with invasive and non-invasive techniques. We offer a BS in mining engineering; MS and PhDs in mining, geological and geophysical engineering; a master of engineering degree; and certificates in geomechanics, health and safety, mineral processing and mine information and production technology.

Nearly every object we interact with in our daily lives consists of materials that were harvested from the earth as minerals. Development of “green technology” does not eliminate material consumption and can often cause critical mineral shortages when the new demand cannot be met with existing supply. New mines can take 15 years or more to bring into production from the time of discovery; hence, it is critical that we advance our understanding of mineral resource distribution and our safety, environmental, and production technologies as fast as we advance our new material demands for those resources.

Arizona is ranked first in the U.S. in value of non-fuel mineral production. Mineral resource development is a science- and technology-intensive industry. The industry is as reliant on knowledge, information, creativity, and an educated citizenry as any technology-intensive industry. The University of Arizona has historically provided some of the world’s leading technological and scientific breakthroughs.

The mining industry has been facing a severe shortage of engineers and scientists. Our students enjoy the benefits of a small department with a family atmosphere, paid summer technical internships, extensive career mentoring and exposure to industry leaders, and some of the highest starting salaries and job placement in the University.

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