Research Areas

The University of Arizona department of mining and geological engineering is active in research in the general areas of geomechanics, mine production and information technology, health and safety, sustainable development, mineral processing, extractive metallurgy, and surface and subsurface characterization.

UA Strengths

Students evaluating data in an MGE computer lab

The University of Arizona is a member of the Association of American Universities, which includes the top 36 public and 26 private universities in the United States. Other members include Harvard, Yale, Stanford, the California Insitute of Technology, MIT, Berkeley, Michigan and Penn State. We are one of 59 Research I Universities – the top rating based on quantity of research and degrees – designated by the Carnegie Foundation in the U.S. The UA ranks highly not only in mining engineering and economic geology but also in public health, medicine, law, business, social sciences, science and engineering.

Interdisciplinary Research

The University is noted for its large graduate interdisciplinary degree programs. In 2007, 14 GIDPs produced 11 percent of all PhD degrees at the University of Arizona. Currently, more than 650 faculty from 12 colleges and more than 100 departments are actively involved in GIDPs at the University of Arizona.

Applied Research in Information Technology and Automation

The MGE department is focused in both academic and applied research. For example, the Mine Intelligence Research Group has several industrial partners providing significant direct access to live data to develop algorithms and new applied techniques for blending, mine-to-mill, machine heath, simulation, real-time activity-based costing and more.


The University of Arizona is unusually well positioned in the broad areas of environmental research and sustainability. 

We have more than 150 active environmental faculty in more than 45 academic units, across at least 9 colleges.

We are world leaders in desert and dry environments and in water research. A focus on the diverse populations of the southwest, especially American Indian and Hispanic issues, is another distinctive opportunity for UA environmental scholars.

The UA has expertise in most of the essential environmental areas, including water, ecosystems, climate, hydrometeorology, earth science, biogeochemistry, law, architecture, policy, economics, agriculture, engineering, decision-support, informatics, and environmental health; also, there is growing interest in environmental entrepreneurship and expertise across the social sciences in the human relationship to nature.

MGE faculty members collaborate with many disciplines across campus.

Technology Transfer from Faculty Research

Our faculty are actively engaged in transferring results from their laboratories to the private sector through start up companies and licensing. Companies MGE faculty helped found include:

Split Engineering LLC

Solar Technology Research Corp.

Mining Information Systems and Operations Management (MISOM) Consulting Services Inc.


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