How to Give

How to Give

The financial contributions from our alumni and friends has keep the department operating as state funding as plummeted. Your support has allowed us to improve our undergraduate program. We have treated the financial support we have received as an investment and have used the funds to invest in equipment, people, and activities that generate ongoing revenue.

You can give online today. You can also consider planned giving and endowments as a way to support the department on a long-term basis.

What the Department Needs

The critical areas where the department needs support are:

  • Salaries for staff and faculty
  • Graduate fellowships
  • Operations support

Please contact the department for details.

Corporate Sponsorship

We have a detailed list of teaching operations needs. The MGE department would like to see industry involvement in most of its mining engineering courses. This involvement can be at several levels. The goal is to expose students to real-world problems, meet practicing engineers, get mentorship from practicing engineers, learn more about industry sectors and how companies do business, and assist faculty in providing specific lecture topics, support for laboratories and field trips, and support for distance delivery of courses.

Industry benefits by having access to students throughout their educational career, promoting their company to future hires, giving input to the curriculum to ensure specific topics are covered, tapping  into young talent for design problems, and having courses delivered over the Web or video for the continuing education of their employees.

For more information contact the department at 520.621.8391.

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