Graduate Programs

You might be surprised to realize that most graduate students in MGE do not have undergraduate degrees in mining or geological engineering. The breadth of the fields we work in accommodate students from a wide range of backgrounds.

A colorful mine siteAcceptance is competitive, and we admit students we believe are dedicated to furthering their education, making a contribution to the profession and meeting the high academic standards of the University of Arizona.

Emphasis Areas

The department is active in research in the areas of:

  • Geomechanics
  • Mine production and information technology
  • Sustainable development
  • Health and safety
  • Mineral processing
  • Surface and subsurface characterization
  • Geophysics

Degree Programs

All master-level degrees require 30 units. The doctoral degree requires 66 units. The graduate certificate programs require 15 units.

Online Options

Many of our graduate programs can be completed online. Visit to learn more.

Academic Background

The background coursework we look for includes three semesters of calculus (some emphasis areas require differential equations), one or two semesters of physics (depending on the emphasis area), statics (some emphasis areas require strength of materials and mechanics of fluids) and a basic understanding of geologic principles.

Policies and Procedures

All graduate students must adhere to the policies described in the department's Graduate Handbook (PDF).

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