Undergraduate students must select from one of four tracks in their junior year. Required courses depend on selected track, and are listed in the following PDFs.

  • Mine Operations (PDF) – The mine operations track prepares students to design, build and operate surface and underground mines, work in mine finance, and work with mine information and production technology. While minors are not required for engineering majors, many students in this track minor in mathematics or geology.
  • Geomechanics (PDF) – The geomechanics track prepares students to work on geotechnical and geomechanical designs and projects in rock and soil. The track combines classes in mining with more geology, geographic information systems, geophysics, hydrology or civil engineering. Students can work in mining, oil and gas, or the construction sector. We encourage a minor in geosciences with this track.
  • Sustainable Resource Development (PDF) – The sustainable resource development track gives students the option to take more classes in health and safety, environmental science, or a range of classes related to sustainability including resource economics and anthropology. We encourage a minor in environmental science or public health with this track.
  • Mineral Processing (PDF) – The mineral processing track provides a path for students to gain an in-depth knowledge of ore comminution and liberation, removal of the valuable minerals in the form of concentrate, extraction of valuable metals from concentrates, and purification of metals using aqueous or thermal chemistry. We encourage a minor in chemistry, chemical engineering or materials science and engineering.

You may also download the four-year plans for all four tracks as a single PDF.

University of Arizona College of Engineering