Career Opportunities for Undergraduates

Summer and full time recruiting starts during the university career fair in September.  Companies will announce their interview schedule and you are usuallly expected to sign up for interviews in advance and submit resumes.  The career services office provides classes on resume and interview skills.

Our 296a, 396a, and 498 classes are designed to provide you with resume writing skills, networking opportunities, mentoring, and career advice.  Take advantage of every opportunity to network with industry professionals during seminar, at SME functions, on field trips, and during summer jobs.


Get Involved!

One of the most important things you can do for your career, in addition to summer jobs, is to take on leadership roles in student chapters of professional societies. We want to every student join a professional society, take on responsibility for a project, participate at the San Xavier Mine, and/or work with a faculty member on a research project.

University of Arizona College of Engineering